Alisa.  Hi.  I’m writing here, because I think I’m going to use too many words.   My package was waiting for me when I arrived home just now.   1 - I love your handwriting.  So delicate.  :-)   2 - so exciting.  I’ve never received mail from outside the United States, so getting something from Russia?  :-)  I’m going to save the envelope.

Alisa,  You did too much, and you shouldn’t have.   There was no need for the extra wonderful special gifts.  I LOVE the postcard.  So pretty and it will sit on my desk at work, I think.  I am wearing the ring as I write this an it’s just so beautiful.  I think I will wear it often because it will go with most everything.  I wear a lot of green.  :-)   The magnet?  Adorable and I will find the perfect place for it too.   But Alisa.  You know I fell in love with the pendant from the time I saw it.  Something about it just said I wanted it.  As wonderful a photographer you are, being creative with how you show your artwork is amazing but it’s even more gorgeous than I imagined.  Intricate details and it’s just so amazing.  Even the little box and stuffing is perfect.  

You have an amazing gift.  To be able to create these things that are beautiful and realistic and fantastic…..  

Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your delightful personality and your gift, have made me so very happy and yes, I will be wearing this smile for a very long time.  

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of the world.  I hope you too are well, and continue to be.  With friends like you I’ll be just fine.  

Until next time we write, many hugs and smiles



Purchasing a Pendant

I was going to buy one of your products but I saw your “save the donbass people” propaganda and was disgusted. Russian has waged war on an innocent people killing thousands. So people like you who support a fascist like Putin can go straight to hell.
Really? You seem so angry as if you saw “support Putin” propaganda. I’m not supporting Putin or Ukrainian army, and do not want war at all.My friends and relatives live in East Ukraine, so this war is not just another subject on TV for me. You may watch your news and think that you know better, but I will believe only in stories told by people who live there and who I know personally. When I say “Save Donbass people “, I mean “stop this war”, not “support Putin ” or “let’s kill innocent people “. This conflict may be resolved only diplomatically, with a lot of negotiations, not with shooting innocent citizens . And it was very rude of you, by the way. I’m not asking you to buy anything from me, if you don’t want to do it, it’s your own right. But wish me to go to hell because of reason that you’ve invented yourself is not very wise. Have a good day.


Alisa Maskaeva polymer clay and metal creations.

Wow, thank you! ^__^

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dayanddnight said: How do you make/work with polymer clay? What process do you use?

I sculpt my jewelry manually, sometimes with a needle or toothpick and razor-blade with handle.

Sometimes I use stamps, texture sheets and other improvised means for letters on clay or to add texture.

And then bake it.

Sorry for my English, wish it was better.

And our winner of Summer 7000 followers Giveaway is… wildechangeling​

And our winner of Summer 7000 followers Giveaway is… wildechangeling


cruz090 said: Do you sell or duplicate your work? :3

Hi! Yes. Here is my Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/KrinnaHandmade


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